Top ten of the dumbest songs on Ghanaian  radio (part 1)

We were watching Ghanaian videos on some channel called Oceans Tv with my sister, Animah( it’s always Animah isn’t it?). So Bisa Kdei comes on with Odo Carpenter and we both groan painfully. Then  Animah says “Maame, you know if you sing along with video, the song goes by really fast”. We laugh and start singing Odo Carpenter. The song has clearly been over-played. But I guess that’s how you know it’s a hit. Well done Bisa K’dei. I’m truly a fan.

“Sister, I want to do a review of Ghanaian music” I say as an after-thought to her. “Yea,” she replies, “You could be like a… a radio, you know..Try and imagine how a radio must feel when all the crap music comes out”

Yes! And with that said, we present our top ten dumbest Ghanaian songs on radio now. 

1. Every song that sounds like “Adonai”. 

Yes,after poor Castro disappeared, bless his soul, some hip-lifers got the bright idea, that if they add all the appropriate accolades, they can high-five God and still sound cool.

2.Gboza by R2Bees

Look Muggees(who really, is all R2bees, the other guy is for decoration) is great with the Lyrics and all. I’ll even forgive that he looks glazed in the eye, sometimes but with an expensive video, the least you can do is SAY something. 

3. Ginger by Eaazy

The thing with Eaazy is that, she is obviously suffering a serious case of identity crisis. First I thougt it was a serious star crush she had on Rihanna, so I only gave her a side-eye for her music video for Scream, that looked remarkably like Rihanna’s Disturbia.  Next thing, I hear Ginger, which sounds like a version of Yemi Alade’s Johnny. Girl, stop.

4.shigbogbo by Dblack 

Look, Dblack, we get it. The straight-up hip hop thing wasn’t working. You finally got it right with people with the whole Vida thing.  That was a great business move right there. But Shigbogbo is just downright stupid. If I don’t know better I’d think he was trying to say Ghanaians couldn’t tell real music from pure crap.

I need to pause here because  Obrafuour is on tv with something amaze-balls, as usual ….”oboa a onni dua“….legit, if I say so myself….

5.kpagamkpagam by 4×4

Since we on making up words to make music to the seemingly dull Ghanaian mind, the new song by 4×4 had to make this list. Typing the name of the song makes me feel stupid all over again(perhaps that’s whole idea). When you watch the music video you will find, without a doubt, a lot of mind- blowing ass shaking and … Yep, that’s it. Need I say more?
Honestly, this was done on a wonderful Sunday night, ECG has Not taken my light, and we are in a positively good mood. I promise to bring you the last five soon. A  good week to you!

                                                   END OF PART 1

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