My 40 day cleanse story 

When I told my mum I wanted to try a 40 day  cleanse…She didn’t bat an eye. This isn’t usual because mother is opposed to any lifestyle which in a sense means you may have to starve yourself.

What she said rather brought me to tears

“All I want is to see you get your self esteem back. My beauty tree(no, I’m not transliterating) . I want you to get back to dressing  up and feeling good  about yourself.  You need to get your confidence back. ”

She spoke the hurt in my heart.

Prior to that, I had done the dieting, the exercise which all started great until something would elapse me  back into old habits. Of course , those left me worse than I started.

So back to present day. It’s Sunday morning.. I’m still thinking about all my cousin told me at another cousin’s wedding the day before.

Maame Adjeiwaa was on the last day of  her 40-day cleanse. She looked… AMAZING. Like me , I know she had also struggled with the weight. According to her the transformation was not easy. And while many may not agree, it was important to start hard and fast to ease into this transformation.

I’m motivated, people. No more feeling sorry myself or making excuses. Frankly I don’t lose anything by trying right?

So here’s the plan…

Live on basically water, with other things that supposed to curb your hunger  ( maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon ) and detoxify you for 40 days.

Keep shaking my head to food of all types until this 40 day period is over.

Keep myself hydrated at all times.

Yes I have completely lost sight of the fact that I am doing this during the Christmas season.

Basically do my darnest best.

 So! Shopping starts in a week’s time and cleansing starts on the first of December. In  the mean time I will be prepping myself every day for this feat. Taking more liquids, no heavy stuff, and healthier snacking ( I totally suck at that )


Of course this article should tell you I will be journaling my experience until it’s over.


Wish me the very best. I will need it 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adriana Acheampong says:

    Determination is key n so I’m proud of u. I neva thot i cld make it thru the 40 days but i survived. Lol. U can if only u put ur mind to it. I’m always here if u need me.
    All the best hun. Kisses


    1. Honestly I respect you even more now that I’ve started! Wow! Thanks Dear, I’ll definitely be hitting you up. Kisses!!


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