The forty day cleanse : Day one 

Hurray! Yes I finally start my cleanse today. And it feels….. Not so great. Why? I’m hungry that’s why. I have to admit I have been lax about getting the ingredients for the cleanse. I mean, can I really do 40 days? Me, Kwakyewaa, my ears prick up when I smell boiling dough! Precisely,  I mean the divine taste of kenkey and fish in my mouth! Lord have mercy. I was so reluctant I haven’t yet got my maple syrup just yet. But never fear comerades, my body is equipped for adversity. 

Cue music : Superwoman by Alicia Keys

Truth be told I am really glad I am doing this. For many, like me,  who have embarked on a life transforming journey to look and feel better, it’s more than just a physical change. It is to get back control of who you can be. To not be enslaved by a fleeting pleasure of gorging on food. Again, like many I know what is to feel miserable after eating more than you should, when you know you don’t need it. When the morning heart burn and growling belly reminds of you last nights gorging. Yet you know you will do it again. Sigh.. 

I am also glad I am journaling this process. Not only will it keep me from tearing my hair out when I go hungry but hopefully these little pieces will encourage someone too; NOT necessarily to go do a cleanse ( because I am pretty sure there are other ways of starting a healthy life) but to push someone else to take control of  being their possible best self!

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