Things I discover on my cleanse journey

I said I was not going to post until a full week was up and that would be this Thursday. But I couldn’t resist guys, sorry. 

Today is day 5 of my cleanse journey. While the cleanse is proceeding steadily. I must admit I have been lax with my exercising; which normally takes the form of a 3 mile walk/jog, a seven minute work out with  “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training Challenge by Perigee At other times I do aerobics with Beyoncé’s work out video. Don’t judge me that work out still WORKS  ok! I will get back to exercising, however in two days.

Anyway so the things I’ve discovered so far on this cleanse is that:

1. You really do stop feeling the hunger pangs after the fourth day. I have no science to prove this but today being the fifth day, it’s 10:17am, I haven’t even yet downed my cleanse mixture yet. All I’ve had is water but I’m not hungry, I don’t feel weak or sickly like before. 

2. You can take some type of solids. Citrus fruits and bananas. Yak! I am not crazy about bananas but you are assured instant energy when you take them. It’s also quite filling and helps to ease up your bowels. That’s the idea right? To get rid of toxins? Yes,so an orange or an actual lemon will definitely curb your hunger and refresh you while the banana keeps you going. A salad of Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers will also do the trick. The idea is also to take them in small quantities.

3.Water is EVERYTHING. Take it when you wake-up. When you get to work, have it by your table. On your way home, when you get bed, have it by your bed stand. I say this because unlike some religious water-downers I know, drinking water never came easily to me, even before I started to do this. I used to set reminders to drink water and now those reminders come are real handy. Because we all know being dehydrated while cleansing is a dumb dumb idea. Water also( of course ) facilitates this whole process so it’s quite important to drink up even outside your cleanse mixture. 

4. Juice up! Yes people. Cleansing I realized, doesn’t have to be painful. A nice, cold pineapple or lemon juice isn’t bad in this Harmattan heat. Anaa? Need I say more? Nah 

5. Green tea was part of this cleanse from the start. This is just emphasize how soothing it is. I mean, no matter how hollow you feel. A cup or two puts you to bed like a baby; At least for me, to thus I recommend. Please don’t add sugar! I tried getting my mum to do that. Didn’t work. These mums ain’t loyal.

So far, so good, I think


December 14, 2015 at 06:10PM
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