Forty-day cleanse;a week is over!

So it’s exactly one week now since i started my cleanse.. Eno be easy oo..

First of all, no one prepares you for unforeseeable encounters with FOOD! Yesterday, I  had to help out with mum’s cooking; tilapia soup. The woman amazes me. She’s able to completely forget my plight and offer me food. (She always does that) Of course the smell was… Divine. So I closed my eyes and kept shaking my head to survive the day.

Just the other day, my little brother walked in while I was blogging, with a box of pizza in his hand. 

“Maame you want pizza?” I looked at him with a stare that comprised richly worded curses I cannot repeat. He just laughed and said I could find the rest of the pizza in the fridge if I wanted any.

The devil, I say is a liar! I’m pressing on. 

I mean, really, what life is that? The more days I go, the more I see the extreme importance of FOOD to us. Hell, people can’t think straight when it’s past 11.00 am. I see phrases like “I’m hungry”, “I dey hung” too often these days! They pop at me in every conversation! Everybody wants to tell you they are hungry! Maybe that’s just what I keep hearing. 

So like I said earlier, it now a complete week. It’s unbelievable how long the days are. Especially now that I’m on work break. I realize I prefer my cleanse mixture refrigerated or at least cooler than most would have it. I am also struggling to remember that I must have water. That in turn, just makes the day crappier.

Another thing with a maple syrup cleanse is that it’s leaner than other types of cleansing. In other words, exercising is probably not a great idea right now. However,  I get restless and whenever I touch my belly or arm fat, I just need to go! So I’ve decided to do my walk/jog and seven-minute work out at least three times a week. How’s that? It makes me feel purposeful to say the least.

All in all, I am quite happy about the progress, mentally, I should say. I am almost used to the pattern of not eating any solids, I actually don’t remember unless I actually SEE food. I also think I am overcoming that power food can have over you. I am gaining control over how I choose to see what food is and I believe at the end of this, that discipline will become a part of me. 

I think that’s enough motivation, don’t you think?

In my next post, I’ll put together other types of cleanse that may be just for you. 

See you in the course of the week. 


December 17, 2015 at 12:15PM

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