Forty day cleanse – recap and moving forward 

Happy new year people!!! It’s really a blessing to walk into another year full of hope and positivity. I can say that because I didn’t feel that way the some three years ago. Although I would smile at people and send warm wishes to family and friends, I really just rolled into the coming year with a bleak mind and uncertainty. That, my friends isn’t a pleasant place to be.

There was something about 2015 that changed that. It isn’t just one thing but a number of reasons actually. Reasons that will be in another blog, shortly. Any hoo! One of the reasons I felt good about last year was because I started making active changes about the way I looked.i started to exercise, ration my portions, no late night dinners or snacks, and finally i decided to do one mean cleanse, comprising lemons, maple syrup, cayenne peppers and lots of water.  To make this more fun, a group of newly-made friends and i even started a Whatsapp group to keep each other motivated.

Like i said, it was fun but certainly not easy. Girl, i can’t tell you how many times we faltered. A week down, we would pick up again. We saw results and we watched our failures. It’s still an on-going strive but the essence is to keep going till we see some actual results.

During the last month of 2015, Christmas time!  I decided ( i say it with a sigh)  to embark on a 40-day cleanse. i repeat ,  at Christmas time.

Before i go into that, I should really apologize for not sharing frequent updates on the progress. Christmas was a whirlwind for me! A good whirlwind!! But i apologize all the same.

So I was feeling inspired and raring to go. My cousin had done it and came out looking fab! Why  couldn’t I do it too. By the third day of my cleanse, you girl was screaming take me lord!. I was hungry, tired and so irritable. By week’s end  I was feeling hollow but quite proud of myself. What a long week it was though!


And that was the last time I blogged about my cleanse. Eventually I was able to do about 14-18 days out of 40 days. Yea, guys, I closed out early unfortunately. My mistake was not getting a refill of maple syrup to keep going because the truth is that by that time. I truly had no desire to eat. And won’t you believe it, I hadn’t thought about kenkey in a long long time. That, my friends, is worth celebrating.

So, I continued with my lemon  mixes and green tea, but I started to introduce fruits and my delicious salads.  I was surprised to find I couldn’t eat a lot of it and that it took very little amounts to keep full. Anyways I was doing fine, sometimes just sticking to just lemon water, until family came home for the holidays. Let’s just say the made complete nonsense of my cleanse. 

“Cleansing? At Christmas time, ho my friend, forget!”

And so it went, family gatherings, Kakum hiking in Cape Coast, parties and lots of fried chicken. A whirlwind, I tell you!

In all of it, I miraculously moved from a 90kg to a suspicious 82kg. (I really don’t trust that weighing scale)

All in all, it’s not a cleanse for everybody. On the other hand, you really don’t know what your body can take till you try. When I started, I didn’t think I would last three days on that kind of cleanse. I did 18 days of living on water basically. I most definitely intend to do it again.

I did however, learn that I have been given control of my own body. I must choose to overcome my weaknesses because I CAN. That is all.

Happy new year!!

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  1. intermediume says:

    Hi! First of all great blog!
    I’m actually planning to start a very similar cleanse on Sunday, so its so great to stumble upon this and read about your own experience with a cleanse. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m most certainly going to try other cleansing types. Let me know how it goes . Happy new year!

      Liked by 1 person

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