2015’s gifts 

It’s the seventh day of the 2016. There is something significant about it. I read my timelines on my social media feed and everyone seems so positive. There seems to a determination to be the best. I see a lot of thankful hearts as well. Of course everyone has their own way of expressing that .I like that.( I think I was a bit distracted writing this introduction)

2015, was peaceful in a more personal way. It wasn’t easy but I grew with each day. I met wonderful people that caused me to challenge my quality of person. I did learn a few things .

Patience isn’t easy but it is rewarding 

I finally was able to admit that I had an anger problem that needed checking. I may not lash out or flare up. Defensiveness and stark silence.. Yes, those are my real Devils. On more occasions than I am comfortable with, I created painful wedges between myself and people that I love. The thing about being and staying angry is that it isn’t something easily to switch off and it usually takes some admirable control. In most regrettable outbursts of anger, you don’t even realize how angry you are. Hitherto, I realize I could just walk away from the situation that made me angry, whether I was right or wrong. Painfully and fortunately I am surrounded by very expressive and blunt people who tell you hard truths whether you need to hear it or it. Goes without saying then, that walking away does not only NOT help but portrays you as moody and difficult. So in the last couple of months I have chosen a more difficult option: to SPEAK through my anger ( as calmly as possible) when addressing an issue. What THAT required was a lot of breathing exercises and patience. I can say with some satisfaction that I have been able to alter some would-be tense situations. I’m still working on it.

The pleasure of giving is awesome

I have most certainly resolved to give more than I have in previous years and not just at Yuletide. A special friend inspired me to give to a small family that I drive past in my neighborhood last Christmas. He said “let’s give some food and cloths to some people who need it this Christmas, Maame”. Immediately, i thought, “who am I going to walk to up to and do that? Strangers? Won’t they feel insulted with me intruding on their time?” Later,as I reflected on the time I spent with Esther Amewu and her little family in the wooden kiosk, in East Legon (one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Ghana ? I was ashamed I didn’t do this earlier. Everything I did was too small to even mention here. I will dedicate a special post to her right after I finish the work to help her. I also spent a lot of time shopping for loved ones than I ever had. I humbled by the grace to be able to do that. That’s a feeling anyone should want to re-capture as many times as possible.

I can do anything I put my mind to

A post before this, I mentioned doing 14-18 days of cleansing out of 40 days. I felt good about that. I also a few friends say thank you to me for small favours I did. One of those favours included a bit of public speaking. Now the thing about public speaking of any kind is that, although it was part of a job I used to do a long long long time ago, It frightens me to death. The unbelievable thing is that no one believes me when I say it oo! So when a close friend asked to MC at her wedding, the obvious answer was to shake my head even before she finished speaking, or texting ( which was what it actually was ). Me? Standing front of people and talk? What if I gbaa? ( that’s a Ghanaian term for painfully fumbling over your words) Or I fall down? But anyway, after a few calls from Worla, I gave in to MC, before it got ungraceful for me to refuse her again. I then went and conquered, guys and it felt good! I have thus decided to be a YES! girl in 2016. 

It’s ok to lose friends. Make new ones.

Friends… Sigh, that’s always a tricky one isn’t it? As cliche as it sounds, it is really true that friends will come and go. The beautiful thing about really LIVING, is that as hurtful as it is to see friends go, whether it is your doing or not, the world is brimming with so many beautiful  people. These new people will bring you new joys, new stories, new perspective, hey maybe new hurts. But you know what? it’s all ok. That is a part of LIVING, I think.
There’s more I could add on here. I probably will. But first, tell me, what gifts did 2015 give you? 

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