Top ten of the dumbest songs on Ghanaian radio (Part 2)

The amazing thing about really bad songs is that you find yourself bopping your head to it , even when you don’t intend to.

The last time, waiting for food at a restaurant, the masterpiece that is Shigbogbo by DBlack started playing in my head for no reason at all.

The wonder of it all..

So to our last group of the dumbest song receiving air Play..

  1. Valentina by Chizzy ft. Sarkodie

For this, I had to Google the song to get the artiste’s name right. I only noted how crappy it was because it featured Sarkodie, who by all standards should know better right? So this one is to Sarkodie: What the hell were you thinking man?? I mean it’s great to make commercial main stream Ghanaian music but it must be, simply brain-draining to feature on a song that has no uniqueness; How do you do it Obidi?

2.Alewa by Ofori Amponsah

I have so many things to say about this one, but I have a (feel-good) feeling I will just be preaching to choir. EVERYONE knows Ofori Amponsah can’t really expect us to take him seriously, after his move back to high-life music. Ask Ma$e, how he’s doing? Then again, you can never tell with Ghanaian radio. I mean, I would have taken something inspirational,because I know I can count on Amponsah for a really good melody any day. Plus, it would give listeners a look into his story behind his “journey” with God.But Alewa?? What was he preaching this whole time??

Ofori Amponsah whyyyy????

3.69 by 5five

Ok. I know what you’re going to say, there are people provocative songs like 5five’s new single, caters to. Hey, I’m not complaining. HOWEVER! When was 5five’s last hit song? What? Two, three years ago? Wouldn’t it have been just great if they had put more work into sounding a tad DIFFERENT for an epic comeback?? I’m I expecting too much? Probably. Shout-out to the Adabraka boys.

Alas.. I really did try. I HAVE come to the conclusion that i may just not be listening enough to give you ten of the worst songs on Ghanaian radio or Ghanaian music is actually breaking impressive bounds. You decide.

The point of this article was really to say to our artistes: Your craft represents us all in so many ways. Your music gives us something to enjoy, but at the same, an opportunity to tell the Ghanaian story. So it is a burden on you to give your best. Ok? Great.

i guess it would only be fair to give the Top-something of the most brilliant songs I’ve heard recently. What do you think?

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  1. elissalynch says:

    I like your review style, Kwakyewaa. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.


    1. Wow Elisa thank you! I would love for you to feature my review!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. elissalynch says:

        Awesome :). If you let me know your email we’ll send the details. Thanks!


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