Knowing when to move on

Before the year started I knew I needed to change my job. I wasn’t happy. I knew I had made enough mistakes in that regard to know i was at the wrong place. I unconsciously found myself reading up articles on social media trends, blogs I liked, effortlessly absorbing all types of news during work hours because I didn’t want to Work anymore. As I write this I can’t help admire my own self, how I keep dragging myself to go to a job I hated. I have resigned to the fact I’m really not a creature of habit which means I DIE when I can’t work in a creative environment. I thrive in creative environments. There I can work, habitually, and well.

I know there are many Ghanaian young professionals who ‘prepare’ for the working world not knowing where the hell they end up. But then if I start talking about this, I will just end up talking about our flawed educational system that equips us to fail, our mainstream career mentality, and how I would have probably gone to Ashesi if I was to do my degree all over again. 


After a year of working with wonderful colleagues and bosses who are conveniently far far away, I just knew I couldn’t go another year, unfulfilled and underutilized. Not that it is anyone’s fault, but you always know when it’s not working for you. 

Knowing that I was going to make this change soon. I began wondering about what reasons kept me from doing what was necessary all this while. I realized there were things I had to accept, there things I needed to be more positive about, and there were things that you could never be certain about.
1. It’s ok to NOT to know what your next move is.

When I thought about changing jobs, I got panicky. Mainly because inevitable questions that popped up in my head held me back. What do I change to? Can I be crazy enough to think of starting my own business? Do I start my own business? I don’t really have a craft. And what would I do in the meantime while I dream up projects? Especially as motivation is so hard to come by. Was I making excuses? I probably was. Approaching 30, how can I be this confused? Well I’m pleased to rely you that there are many like me and you. That uncertainty I’ve learnt is always a chance to explore.
2.Regret is really bitch

If this isn’t motivation then I don’t know what is. Now I have so many sad stories of opportunities I passed up because for reasons I now know, were quite stupid . Now that I am older, the only resolution I made this year was to keep saying YES to every opportunity that comes my way. Instead of hitting my shins against tables which is exactly what REGRET feels like, I’m more open to new things, new territories and the feeling of achievements is PRETTY awesome. Don’t leave room for regret !
3. It’s ok to screw up

The reason we stay, stagnant is because we are all afraid of failure. It’s amazing how abstract and powerful this state of mind is. I am a victim and recovering survivor. Failure is crippling and it can sap out the best of you. But it can only be dealt with when you know that your only competition is yourself. Your life story most certainly defers from the next person. No one has a right to grade you for your mistakes. You do. So cut yourself some slack and keep going even if you don’t know where it’s going.
4. Positivity

It is hard to remain positive when your future FEELS bleak. Key word : FEEL. Because the future is never bleak. I draw my strength from my FAITH, I also know that deep down, I am created to RISE up to any challenge I face if only I put my mind to it. I have done so before and I can do it again. This is positivity. It is a discipline a person must learn to face any type of uncertainty. So ask yourself: why not?
5. Be thankful

At the beginning of this post I must have sounded very pathetic. Many people have a way of making matters seem much worse than it is. We do it for pity or just the love of complaining. Now I know this because I have been guilty of this for so long. It’s important to find a way to celebrate small achievements and feat. Isn’t that where your story will come from?

This does great service to your spirt and drive. 
I learn everyday that while I can wait for the right moment, I can just cease the day… So can you!

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