#The Nigerian experience : in Lagos for Social media week

these tricycles are everthing !

I’m in Lagos!!!! It’s funny how familiar I am with Nigerian entertainment, culture and religion, yet never have had the opportunity to see the land of our brodaaaaz! I know the buzz is the same for you too when you leave your homeland to a different place. Nigeria.. So close yet so far away..

Anyway, sadly I am not here long enough to experience all of Lagos, and gasp! As friendly as I am , I can’t believe I don’t have enough friends here to visit during my stay here… First lesson, you need to have the right friends to make a trip worthwhile.

I will console myself with reason I came to Lagos in the first place. From the 22nd of February to 26th, a large number of techies, companies, and social media lovers have gathered at the beautiful Land Mark center, in Lagos for the Social Media Week 2016. Every day there has been a series of talks and interactions about basically making social media work for us; as individuals as well as entities.


a session on customer service and social media

I’m not going to front, I have been scared coming here. I mean, I have been told the hustle and bustle of Lagos is possibly more aggressive than it is in Accra. Now if you know me, you will know that I have a slight aversion to going to overcrowded places.. I get nervous real quick! So my ignorant mind was expecting the same thing in Lagos. I truly had no real picture in my mind. Well I was wrong. Yes it is populated, what I did love we’re all the highways and roads. I think, road wise, Lagos is well constructed and connected. Just like Accra however, there is a pollution problem as well as slums. A day at a time. 

There’s a lot more to see and experience. It would have been so if I had some friends in Nigeria’s hottest city. I did make one in the plane, a young beautiful Nigerian woman with her adorable daughter, Nneka( not her real name) Initially I got a little wary because you know difficult it can be when you travel seated next to an infant. Yup! She had her leg in my face at one point. But me and her mum, Yvonne ( not her real name either ) started talking and we eventually had a swell time. It’s great she lives in Ghana, I certainly intend to look her up when I get home. When we landed, she insisted on adding 3000 Naira to money I had withdrawn just in case I had trouble getting to my hotel. An divine angel, that one. 

Since I got in, I have attended two sessions today at #smwlagos2016 at the Landmark center. The atmosphere is lively. What I love most about people here is their confidence. Nigerians are unafraid to speak to anyone and ever ready to connect for new challenges and causes. I trait I am learning to emulate. Being shy never got anyone anywhere.

 Anyway, today  for me was mainly to get acquainted with the place and my movements for the next two days here. 

Speaking of movements! Honestly you can be quite vulnerable if you don’t get your money and transport right. So an airport fare from LOS, the airport into Victoria Island, is 6000 Naira. Yes I have calculated that in cedis. I shall not give you the equivalent lest I cringe any harder. When I got in to my hotel, I got another cab, you know one of those private cabs and seats you in and provides some good air conditioning. Sigh.. Now that I think about it I guess it was worth that 4000 in and out. 

However! I declare that tomorrow shall be different. I am going to walk on to the junction up ahead my hotel and get one of those delightful tricycles in the picture, which goes for about 200 Niara if I want to ride alone. 

I have also had a plate of Nigerian jollof. As a proud team member of #ghanaianjollof, this was a big deal for me, the debate about which is better has been around for a while and guys…

nigerians don’t play with their fried plantain!

I think Ghanaian jollof takes the cake! I’m sorry Nigeria, I love you but I think we got a cap on this one! You can’t tell me nothing! I’ve got two days here to try some traditional food, perhaps I will have better luck there!
I am sure I will have more to tell tomorrow. 

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