The addict: Apps I use everyday (Part 1)


I think I have become addicted to trying out new apps. For every purpose (and almost every other week) I could probably give you a couple I’ve downloaded tried. Instant messaging, gtd, lifestyle apps, apps for blogging, news apps, note taking apps.. Especially note taking apps… I like to write.. (Shrug)
There are however some apps are I keep going back to.. So I’m going to give you a non-techie outlook on why I keep going back to certain apps.
#1. Note-taking apps
If you are into note-taking like me, for just about.. anything, then you have probably heard about One-Note, Microsoft’s note-taking app.  Shallow as it sounds, i normally pick the aesthetic over functionality in times past. For that reason alone as well as it’s simplicity, i found myself using this app almost every day. with a microsoft account, you can build folders, pages and subpages for anything you want stored. OneNote also lets you capture notes and pictures on the go,plan trips,create mood boards and presentations. It is  probably the app i have used longest as far as note-taking goes.
While it happens to be one of my favourite apps, i find myself rediscovering and learning how to use Evernote better, now that i am required to use it for work. (Although recently, it’s been crashing a lot.) Let’s be honest Evernote is.. well plain to look at, BUT you can’t match its swift functionality. i’m really considering a move back. Who am i kidding? This blog was done in Evernote. 😃
#2. Task Management apps
Yes, i am guilty over here too I have tried so many i cannot list them here. I realised i was just driving myself crazy with about five or so GTD apps at a time. i realise i just nevr stuck around long enough to really appreciate anyone app. At some points i had just to many to keep track of everything i wanted  done. So i made a phone cleanse to just really start to streamline the productive apps that i needed to get things done. I realised that although Asana works great for tracking tasks and keeping everyone updated with work progress. There are days looking at the list of things I need to do at in Asana could get overwhelming.
Sometimes there are varying numbers of communications going on that I become distracted or even troubled. I may even find myself panicking. So I started using Trello to as it were, making simpler meaning of what i am required to do. I make pointers made at meetings into checklists. i order my project and tasks and label them into colour-coded priorities. In Trello, I feel in control of how things move in everyday activities. Ofcourse now I depend on Trello with other aspects of my life. So moving and making my tasks in Asana into Trello cards and checklists has truly made things simpler.
Another app I am currently enjoying is Focus, a time management app that allows you to break into 25 minute sets. I am thus able to list out my broken down tasks in Trello on Focus, assign each tasks 25 minutes each. After each tasks you mark it complete. You have the option of taking a 5 minutes break, skip break or extend the allotted time for a particular task. Focus app does just what it stands for: Focus. It takes away the clutter and helps zoom in on one thing at time. i find that i do things quicker this way.
My next post will talk more about apps  i am learning to use for a better lifestyle. 🙂

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  1. lexilife says:

    I think I ned to get a few task management apps. It’s the best chance I have at sorting my life out atm haha Thanks for sharing girl! xx


    1. Haha! Thank YOU for reading! Just make sure you don’t download too many at a time like i did! it was clearly not the way to go! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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