Self-love rules

You are a bigger part of your happiness than you realise. In other words, you are solely responsible for how you feel. It’s easy to feel dismay when life is hiting you from all angles. Sometimes if feels like you just can’t win. i find that it takes little seemingly insignificant steps everyday to get through the day.
1. Write it down. Capture the day, good and bad.
2. Spend time doing nothing.
3. Learn to say No. It’s really ok.
4. Make an appointment with yourself to do something you love to do.
5. Recount to yourself all the little good things you did in the day for yourself and others.
6. Don’t yourself too seriously.
7. Take your passion seriously.
8. Be spontaneous.
9. Give yourself a shit load of value: No can take that away from you.
10. Make an effort to look good; you will feel good.
11. Learn to have a sense of gratitude for how different you are.

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