Logan Review: A dignified end!


I have always wanted to write movie reviews and like many capture the amazing moments accurately. Plus I simply take my bloody time to go watch a movie, my timing is just not great. I also just don’t think i can do that, but I am going to try today!
Now we’ve all been highly expectant of the final addition to Hugh Jackman’s 17-year span portrayal of Wolverine, the blade-weaving mutant and one of the very last left or so we think. And just like all the rave reviews read, i feel no different. Logan comes packing with all the fast pace, heart-throbbing action you expect from an X-men movie, but unlike previous installments, we experience what it is to bear the curse of being different and the unwanted burden of showing up to save the day; The human story is brilliantly woven into all the perks we’ve come to love about the X-men franchise.
The movie opens with Logan, Wolverine, battered, bitter, broken and resentful. The mutants have been wiped out and now he drives clueless clients as a car hire, alone and disconnected . In his hideout, he does his best to protect the weak and idealistic but ever powerful Charles Xavier, who bears him a constant reminder of his lack of resolve to be a better man. Jackman portrays a harsh, defensive man whose years are finally showing on him. We are all attracted to a flawed reluctant savior, aren’t we?
His solitude comes to an end when he is tasked to get Laura, portrayed by Dafne Keen, to the North Dakota, to keep her safe. Now I have to say, Keen is just phenomenal. It’s a great feat to combat and come out looking more vicious than Jackman as Logan. She matches boot for boot, the rage and savagery,Logan exhibits in face-offs and possibly does even more. What i don’t get though is how she starts from saying basically nothing, to speaking a lot of Spanish and English. I mean, if she can speak english why not let her just stick with that? But, still, a small dent in the paint.

It’s also enjoyable to see Logan’s reflection, his beginning and end in the mutant that is now Laura, who symbolically, will lead a new age of mutants in combating evil. Please also be expectant of the raw, edgy and blunt language, if you intend to take your children. Because this Logan-Laura relationship isn’t an easy one to watch, it’s evolution is turbulent and almost hopeless until the very last end where the semblance of hope really marks the end of Logan.
All in all, i thoroughly loved it. It is for me, satisfactorily dark, mature, and moving. A more than appropriate end, if i do say so myself.

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  1. J.Phoenix says:

    Someone is now a movie reviewer 🙌🏽


    1. Don’t make fun of me oo.. I’m trying!😂😂


      1. J.Phoenix says:

        Lol. This is a good first attempt. Looking forward to seeing more


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