The “Obolo” word: Fat-shaming needs to stop round here

Before I do my slimtea detox review. Can I just say how annoyed  I am about the guys who were yelling “Obolo, Obolo” at the cinema, when I was watching Logan.  Yea, I still think you are  idiots

Awesome movie, by the way.

If you’ve seen Hugh Jackman’s final piece in the Wolverine installment, then you have probably  noticed that one of the young mutants in Laura, Dafn Keen’s squad, is a little black boy who happens to have electrocuting powers, if i am not mistaken.

Now while in the movie theatre, there were a number of times i heard people shouting “Obolo, Obolo” which means “fat” in one of our local languages here in Ghana. It was hard to tell whether they were cheering him on or teasing. Either way it is unneccesary.

Now to say i completely detest this term will be an understatement. It almost ruined the movie for me because of simply put, bush, uncouth behavior.

I realize body shaming is one of those overlooked things here in this country and it needs to be called out. The word “Obolo” is not only offensive to me but it is simply disrespectful that anyone thinks they have a right to call you out on how you look in pure jest. Just do NOT talk about my body as though you have any contribution to the way i should or should not look.

First of all, commenting on anybody’s body is a tricky thing and it should be avoided to be honest. When you haven’t seen me in a while, no, it is not your place to tell me whether you think I am growing fat or I am getting thinner.

Commenting on my looks is not a greeting. It is not an exchange of pleasantries. It is one person taking invasive and presumptuous liberties.

It is a constant struggle battle your physical image into acceptance. No one really measures the drawbacks because they don’t know you are struggling to even accept yourself. For some it takes years to decide to do something about your image, that is, if you are unhappy about it.

I was looking at this boy in this Superheroe movie, thinking what are the odds that you would find a child like that in a movie like Logan in 2017?

He’s black

He’s in a top-grossing movie

And guess what? He looks like a regular kid

It was truly satisfying to see. I took it personally.

Worldwide, the entertainment industry is still struggling in efforts to bring more reality into the depiction of life stories that are continually told. More importantly, working with people who do not typically grace the cover of top magazines.  We are gradually beginning to accept that we aren’t all proportional, we do not have the same waist line or smooth skin, or have great hair to be great at what we do.

Perhaps it’s time we started doing same.

So please bear with me while i try to accept that there will always be backward idiots who have no sensibilities about others; Why “Obolo” offends me because I am watching a movie with caucasian and latino kids and the one black boy in the movie is the one people decide to call out.

By the way, the “Obolo” boy has a name, He’s called Bryant Tardy known for recently, Logan,  Keep It Together (2014) and The Odd Couple (2015). And I hope he has more opportunities to do some amazing things.

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  1. J.Phoenix says:

    I like that you’re writing more. Keep it up. Always looking forward to what you write next (PS: Next time, invite to one of your movie screenings. I think I really need to watch Logan now 😊)


    1. Lol thank you Joe! You should know I’m inspired by your writings as well. Yes do watch when you have time.. lol


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